Why do Basketball players wear Tights?

In basketball, players wear short tights as well as full ones. It might seem that they’re just for aesthetic reasons but there are actually a number of reasons why they’re worn. 

What Are Tights?

They’re often referred to as compression tights, but officially speak they are called compression stockings.

They’re used by athletes to reduce muscle strain, while also absorbing sweat and increasing blood flow. Most people prefer to combine their performance with comfort.

Why are Tights worn during the match?

1. Compression Tights Prevent Muscle Soreness :

As basketball players prepare and perform during the game, they undergo extensive physical training. Muscle fever is much more common after the game. While doctors can’t pinpoint why people experience this, they say wearing compression tights appears to alleviate the discomfort.

During physical activity, the muscles tear and are hampered from peak performance. These micro-tears aren’t life-threatening, but they cause discomfort among athletes. Compression tights can alleviate the discomfort caused because of this. 

Wearing compression tights during training can benefit the body by reducing muscle oscillations and muscle aches.

Doctors don’t yet have an explanation as to why the muscles slowly start hurting after a game. Many basketball players believe that ibuprofen and massage will help to limit soreness. When you experience extreme muscle soreness, it can be a consequence of Vitamin D or sleep deprivation.

2. Compression pants Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition where the blood clots and this usually occurs in the lower thigh and the legs. The age at which it occurs is unknown, but basketball players might also have the problem. 

Deep vein thrombosis causes swelling as well as pain. The system also warms up, causing much discomfort. Some cases of clots may spread to the lungs, block an artery and even result in death. Doctors usually prescribe compression pants in order to reduce swelling and improve blood flow.

With compression tights, players suffering from this issue can greatly benefit from the prevention of blood flow and swelling.

According to a study, compression garments are particularly helpful after surgery as only 9% of the people wearing compression leggings under their shorts experienced DVTs while 21% did not.

3. Compression Tights Prevent Muscle Tightening

You can get your muscles tightened in a game, and that’s not a good thing. Basketball players do slight stretching and warm-up before a game, but after a while, the effects of the stretching and warm-up can start to wear off. 

This tightens the muscles, which prevents a player from giving their best. Compression tights, on the other hand, keep the muscles warm and the blood flowing at maximum levels. When wearing a pair of these socks, the player will experience zero muscle tightness while receiving all the benefits of the warm-up and stretching they did before the game.

4. Compression Tights Prevent Injuries

Compression tights are very handy for athletes who are involved in contact sports. In cases like those, compression tights can prevent skin rash and are often uncomfortable. Even if you get knocked down, these pants will ease the pain. There are companies that make padded compression tights that will protect against injuries. These tend to give you an unpleasant burn due to their hardwood grip.

Especially when diving for the ball, players can make contact with the hard court surface and might get a nasty burn as a result of that friction between the skin and the court surface. With the padded compression tights at your disposal, the fall that occurs will be more bearable and not cause any serious injuries.

5. Compression Tights Keep The Body Warm

Because a game involves so much running and jumping, the players will sweat. Sweating is your body’s natural cooling response to help us cool down. But when your body temperature drops too low, muscles might get tight, making it hard to perform at its best. 

In addition, applying a sudden strain on the tightened muscle results in an unpleasant injury. But compression tights can help maintain body temperature, which prevents the muscles from becoming cold and tight.

6. Compression Pants Help Maintain Modesty

A compression tight can prevent players from feeling insecure about their appearance. Basketball uniforms are baggy, so compression tights keep everything in place. Wearing a compression tight can eliminate any such emotions.

A compression tight is also extremely comfortable, particularly when a player is running and jumping on the court in front of the audience. They also eliminate the thought that a player will make an immodest gesture in front of everyone.

When you experience thigh-chafing when engaging in physical activity or are preferring not to wear other gear, such as athletic supports, compression shorts might be a great choice. Although manufacturers say you will get an athletic advantage because of your shorts, you aren’t guaranteed it, but if they’re comfortable and supportive to you, they just might be the jam.

Christina Mullenax

Christina is an American-Russian professional basketball coach and former player who is the head coach of the Las Vegas Aces of the Women’s National Basketball Association. She currently also serves as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association.


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