Why do Basketball players wear masks?

In basketball, there’s a lot of interesting questions that are worth answering so we’ve got the answers. If you’ve ever wondered why basketball players wear those clear-face plastic masks, we have them.

The short story is that basketball players wear protective face masks as a precaution for many possible face injuries. They also wear it if they have already sustained an injury and do not want to receive another one. And let’s not forget they wear them to look cool and be like superheroes.

Basketball players who sustained any facial injuries in the eighties had two options, the first one, to stay on the bench for the healing process, the second, to wear a mask that pretty much didn’t fit, and risk even worse injury.

A basketball clear face mask is nowadays considered a badge of honor, especially among young basketball players. It shows that you work hard and won’t miss any games, and you’re tough enough to play through your injuries.

Why Some Basketball Players Wear Masks?

1. Out of Precaution

A typical basketball player who never suffered a facial injury doesn’t care about this kind of protection. However, NBA players who did feel a consequence during practice and game almost as if it’s a lifetime occurrence. And if there’s anything we should care about, that’s health. Results come and go, but injuries are permanent.

The reason basketball players wear masks in the first place is to prevent injury. If they do not get injured, then they will not suffer any injuries, so that’s why they wear the masks.

2. Playing with a broken nose

The number of elbows in this game sometimes makes it hard to avoid one. A broken nose isn’t a common injury, but it doesn’t happen often. As a result, basketball players wear masks when the nose is injured.

Conley was an MBA point guard who had broken a nose. However, he protected his broken nose with masks. Basketball players cannot wait to get back to basketball, which is why wearing a basketball face mask for a broken nose happens to be something they can do to speed up their return to basketball.

It is probably the most common reason for basketball players to wear masks while playing with a broken nose. So, if you ever see a basketball player wearing a mask, then this is probably the reason.

3. Playing with an injured cheekbone

Injured cheekbones are another common reason why athletes wear masks. Believe it or not, this is a very common reason.

One example of the NBA player who wore the mask is Russell Westbrook in 2015. He fractured cheekbones, had surgery in 2015, and wore the protective face mask. Even with a protective mask on, he still managed to score 49 points in his first game after the surgery. When you play as aggressively as Russ, it’s very likely you’ll receive an elbow once in a while.

4. Masks look cool and intimidating

This is a fact. It was one of the reasons some NBA players wore masks. It looked cool and intimidating.

Wearing a mask makes basketball players extra special on the court, it separates them from the rest, and it sets them apart. It’s almost like they’re real superheroes when they wear their masks.

The same was probably true for Kobe when he switched from a clear face mask to black one night to steal the show. Or for Kyrie when he dropped 41 at the Garden.

Since Lebron wore a black mask in 2014, he became the Dark Knight of the NBA, the league forbade it. The reason was that since the mask obscured his eyes, other players could not see his eyes when guarding him, giving him a massive advantage. Too bad, it was spectacular.

5. As a Signature Feature that Distinguishes them from Other NBA Players

Basketball players with unique traits are known as signatures. For example, Michael Jordan is known for putting on the Air Jordan 11 under his uniform for every game during the 1996 season. Messi is known for his short stature, yet he is very quick.

A famous NBA player named Richard Hamilton was also distinguished by the use of a mask when he was injured. He continued to wear the mask even after it healed. Therefore, the mask served the purpose of setting him apart from other NBA players!

Christina Mullenax

Christina is an American-Russian professional basketball coach and former player who is the head coach of the Las Vegas Aces of the Women’s National Basketball Association. She currently also serves as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association.

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