How To Spin a Basketball On Your Hand?

Essentially, these steps are similar to riding a bike. When you start off, you fall off and your balance is poor. But your skill gradually increases, and you stop needing your training wheels. Practice makes perfect, too. It’s similar to spinning a basketball around on your finger.

Once you have developed basketball spinning skills, you can demonstrate your skills in the weight room, at your friends’ place, or wherever else. Everyone will marvel at your skill to spin a basketball on your finger.

It may even happen that you get to the point that you feel you need to join the Harlem Globe Trotters. This is quite obvious now. If you’re here, then it’s probably because you’d like to learn how to spin a basketball on your finger.       

Whatever purpose you may have for learning this or impressing your friends, it’s something you should acquire and acquire proficiently.

Imagine you were in a gym or at a friend’s house and were able to show this to other people.

All those around you will wonder how you do it when they watch you train, and they won’t have to be on the Harlem Globetrotters to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of the Harlem Globetrotters to do it.

You’ll need the following

The following are some requirements:

1. It could be a real NBA ball in miniature size or another round ball that works as well. Combined with a rubber ball, a basketball will work if you don’t have a basketball.

2. It is an index finger. Sorry, if you lack a finger, you will not be able to do this skill. Should you wish to do so, you might be able to do it by using a toe instead.

3. Patience is just as important as you need to be to learn this skill. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed the first few times, and keep trying until you get a handle on spinning a ball on your finger.

4. Learn to master the skill day by day, and you’ll soon feel confident in your abilities. Before you know it, it will seem second nature.

5. Enthusiasm. Have a positive attitude towards learning this new skill. It’s a good time and you’ll enjoy helping.

Here are the Steps

1. You should have both hands on the ball. If you’re right-handed, place the right hand under it, and the left hand outside of it. Do the opposite if you’re left-handed. Spin the ball clockwise and rotate it upwards. Practice this motion several times.

1. The basketball must be pitched simultaneously with both hands simultaneously spinning so that it can be caught on the index finger. The index finger should be your starting point. Keep your index finger straight with your arms bent. Make a loud “L” motion with your hand.

2. Spin. When the ball spins smoothly on your finger, gently tap it with your alternative hand to keep it spinning and to increase momentum. This will become natural and become effortless.

3. You can try spinning on the other finger once you can perform tasks on one finger proficiently. This is a progressive progression and can only be accomplished after you have accomplished tasks on one finger.

Paul Macdonald

Paul is an American former professional basketball player and current basketball analyst for ESPN. He primarily played the shooting guard and small forward positions, but occasionally played power forward later in his NBA career.


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