Is it good to use Double Rims Basketball hoops?

A lot of people don’t like double rims, as they are much smaller than normal rims and are not as useful. Although it may seem like double rims are harder to score on than regular rims, they shouldn’t be seen as your enemy. I’ll tell you why.

The better you get, the more often you’ll be able to hit your shot, a good sign you’re improving. If you’re not improving, or you feel like you need to improve your form, then you’ll surely realize it.

Many of your cities have basketball double rim hoops in areas where people play picket games.  Despite being made of steel, dual wheels are a robust rim that does not require a spring-loaded system. The spring-loaded wheels do not damage the rim when dunked.

The double-rims are installed on some courts to make sure the hoops last longer. Some courts have their rims raised two to three inches higher than 10 feet.

This should prevent most players from getting dunks and weakening the hoops. In most cases, this is because rims tend to be damaged by basketball shots as quickly as by dunking and hanging on the rim.

I assure you that double rims are not smaller than a normal-sized rim. There’s no special difference between double rims and regular rims, they’re just smaller in circumference. The illusion is that sometimes the hoops are higher than 10 feet, so the rim appears smaller due to being farther away because it is higher up.

The rims are stiff so there is no chance of a ball rolling in, so when the ball touches them, it will almost certainly come out, giving the illusion they are smaller than they actually are.

When you use these double rims, you must concentrate on your shot since you will not be able to make mistakes unless the ball gets into the basket. When you play on these rims for a few weeks, you will find out how to shoot better. Double rims will force you to make better shots. 

Playing double rim is a perfect way to practice and improve your skills since there’s no margin for error. It’s also great practice for actual game situations.

People practice shooting without a clear goal in mind, shooting without a true sense of concentration or focus. When you shoot, you narrow your target considerably while fully concentrating on each shot.

Brian Roby

Brian was an American professional basketball player who played in both the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association from 1974 through 1995. A center, he was named the NBA Most Valuable Player three times, was a 12-time NBA All-Star and an eight-time All-NBA Team selection.


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