6 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Summer Play [2022]

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We present to you all of the best outdoor basketball shoe reviews we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information for you and also added a summary of customer reviews online.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the best basketball shoes for you. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide.

You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy basketball shoes.

Basketball shoes provide you with professional support for your balling. With their equipment specially designed for ball sports, they are more suitable than every day sneakers.

Depending on where you prefer to throw your baskets, different models are better suited. They should only be worn indoors and outdoors, especially on asphalt.

Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes

What are the benefits of basketball shoes?

The different types of basketball shoes are divided into three sub-categories. Each of them differs in various ways in terms of design or special features.

And each of these features guarantees the player both protection and stability and is the necessary equipment for a real basketball shoe.

Why a basketball shoe?

  • Ideal height
  • Pronounced cushioning
  • Best comfort

If you only wear regular shoes, you risk not only an unnecessary decrease in performance but also an injury. To avoid this, you need to find out which basketball shoe is best for you.

Can you play basketball with normal sneakers?

It depends on how you want to play basketball. Two factors play an important role:

  • Environment
  • Frequency

If you play in one environment several times a week, read the article about the different types of shoes and buy the right sneaker for your plays. If you only play once a week and that’s just for fun, a regular sneaker will do just fine.

You should wear basketball shoes, especially if the sport means so much to you that you want to be equipped like an NBA pro. We recommend other professional basketball products, such as the right basketball. The decision is up to you and your needs.

What shoe sizes are there?

The basketball shoes are available in below variations.

  • for girls
  • for guys
  • for children
  • for men
  • for ladies

Therefore, the sizes vary a lot to be able to offer shoes for wide and narrow feet. Except for decorative baby models, most models on sale start with shoe size 35.5 and go up to 47.5. All sizes above or below must either be custom made.

Purchasing criteria for Outdoor basketball shoes

In this section, we would like to explain to you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate shoes for basketball. This will make it easier for you to decide which sneaker to choose.

Shoe size

The size of your sneaker plays a significant role. And it does that, especially when buying. Not just for the obvious reasons, like adjusting to your foot size and width. Logically, the shoe size plays a role above all because you can only wear footwear that is adapted to your size.

At this point, we are now digging a little further. It is not only crucial that you have found the right size but also whether this size turns out exactly as the brand promises?

But why is this size factor so important?

We recommend that you either research carefully before making any purchase or try on your dream shoe directly to avoid exchanges and disappointment.

Because it is important to ask yourself the following questions when you are researching a sneaker size:

  • Is my foot larger/smaller than average?
  • Is the manufacturer known for the fact that the models never fit exactly?
  • Is the model known to be different from what its size says?

Shoe width

If you know in advance how tight your shoe is, this must also be taken into account in your purchase decision. Some shoes take time to break-in. Therefore, you shouldn’t panic if a sneaker feels a little tighter when you try it on.

As a comparison, put on the next larger model and use it to check whether one shoe feels better or is too big. Rely on the advice of a seller or reviews because this purchase criterion is the most crucial component of your basketball shoe selection.

Indoor shoes usually have a lighter material that hugs your shoe better. The sturdy upper of your outdoor sneaker, on the other hand, could take a while to get used to and therefore has a smaller shoe width.


If you are one of those people who have already put their perfect shoes together in their mind, it is logical that this purchase criterion influences your purchase decision. After all, only you know what color your footwear can and must be.

Nowadays, you not only have a vast selection of different sneaker colors, but you can even create your color combinations for each shoe of your choice.


If you want to compare different shoes with each other, their cushioning plays a significant role. This makes basketball sneakers better than every day sneakers.

Since you want the right basketball shoe that provides you with sufficient support for your jumps and thus protects your joints, you should examine your potential new shoes more closely, especially concerning this factor, and decide which model is the better. At least it would be best if you looked for shoes that have at least standard cushioning.


With this purchase criterion, you can avoid the smell of sweat and protect the shoe and its wearer effectively over the long term. A shoe is breathable if its material breathes (i.e., is air-permeable). Your feet stay dry and ventilated.

This purchase criterion plays a significant role in the comparison, as you have to give great importance to hygiene when buying. Both modern indoor shoes and outdoor sneakers have now integrated this technology.

If you have your eye on an older model, the sneaker in this category may be a little weak. Find out exactly how breathable the material is and choose the best-equipped one because the breathability is either fully integrated into the shoe or not at all.


Every basketball shoe has integrated ankle protection, but this can vary from model to model or brand to brand. Every shoe is equipped with safety, but depending on the shoe height, this is more or less pronounced.

Both indoor sneakers and training shoes for the outside have a minimum level of protection. But how well your ankle is protected depends on several purchase criteria that are listed here. Mainly from:

  • The damping
  • The height

Comparing shoes in this factor makes sense on the one hand, but is also critical on the other. It is up to you to assess this criterion. If the least amount of protection is enough for you, every type of athletic shoe is rated well in this category.


The closure of most types of sneakers is a classic method consisting of single or multi-colored laces. Zippers and Velcro fasteners, on the other hand, are an alternative design, but these are less common in basketball sneakers for adults and mostly serve as decoration.

Types of sneaker fasteners

  • Shoelaces
  • Velcro fastener
  • zipper

Outdoor sneakers usually have additional closures, as they enhance the look and thereby improve the material stability. An extra layer of material, which protects the lacing underneath with a zipper, is the right choice for this type of sneaker in the case of strenuous outdoor play.

Gym shoes, on the other hand, only have a lace closure, as the design of an indoor shoe is modest. The less the shoe is covered with additional accessories, the less it hinders the player in the indoor match.


The materials of your sneaker can be used for various reasons, either for decoration, support, or a combination of both. A distinction is made between different materials for sneakers in the following categories:

  • leather
  • Suede
  • Mesh fabric
  • Canvas
  • rubber
  • EVA
  • Phylites
  • synthetic

Both types of basketball shoes can have any of these materials combined or integrated separately. For you to get a clear picture of the benefits and capabilities of the various components, we have clearly defined them in a table:

LeatherLowVery sensitiveUse for applications
SuedeWellHighly sensitiveUncoated surface
Mesh fabricHighWell resilientUse for upper material
CanvasHighVery resilientSpecially woven mesh
RubberNoVery resilientUse for soles
EVAWellWell resilientUse for midsole
PhylitesWellWell resilientPopular in running shoes


The sole of your sneaker also defines the type of basketball shoe. Mostly it consists of an elastic rubber.

The sole of a shoe is judged by different categories:

  • Design
  • Grip
  • Damping
  • Color

The rule of thumb for indoor shoes has long been that the soles must be white and smooth. But outdoor shoes can also have light-colored soles, just as modern indoor shoes could have an integrated dark sole.

The most important point with this main criterion is that the sole must have a firm grip so that you have a real sneaker. When comparing basketball sneakers, pay more attention to liability than the other categories. These can ultimately be assessed subjectively.


The upper is often available in three different heights for both outdoor and indoor sneakers.

  • High cut
  • Mid-cut
  • Low cut

This grouping is especially crucial as a purchase criterion if you play in a particular position or have a clear idea of ​​which features your new sneaker should have for you. The second component, on the other hand, cannot be included in critical decision-making processes for indoor or outdoor sneakers.

Height is a design feature that is usually integrated into everyday sneakers to create an appealing look. This height component is less useful for a basketball shoe.

Playing Position

You only need to include your playing position in your buying process or comparison when you have a specific task on the team. Choosing a specifically tailored sneaker can also be selected based on personal preferences.

The fact is, you don’t have to choose your shoes based on position. But if you are looking for an ideally fitting sneaker, you have to include this component.

6 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

There are many different sneakers available for various positions. You can find both types of sneakers, both indoors and outdoors, for every situation. All you have to do is decide which of the pair or brand you like the most.

1- Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

Known worldwide for its sporting goods, Adidas has produced a wide range of shoes that have never failed to impress its customers. Like their other shoes, the Ownthegame wide Adidas basketball shoe is a shoe that doesn’t fail to serve its purpose in making the customers happy and satisfied with its performance. They are one of the most durable outdoor basketball shoes.

Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe


Wide fit

First of all, its shape is slightly wider than most other shoes, and thus it gives the shoe a stylish look. Apart from giving it style, the wide fit makes it soft and super comfortable from the inside. In addition, Its design provides excellent ankle support while playing.

Synthetic leather

The upper core of the Ownthegame shoe is coated with high-quality synthetic leather. The premium leather makes this pair of shoes long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, to enhance its look, the leather comes in three different colors, i.e., Red, Black, and white, plus its three red stripes signature.

Adiwear outsole

The signature Adiwear outsole makes this pair of shoes extremely durable. Moreover, the midsole has cloud foam cushioning, and the footbed adds comfort during clutch moves that are helpful in fast movement during basketball.

Plush feel

For better comfort, the shoe has a textile lining. Furthermore, its shape and soft material give it a plush feel that makes movement easy while playing. Thus, for those who want to prevent blisters or calluses while extensive playing, this pair of shoes does an adequate job.


  • Comfortable and soft sole
  • Lightweight
  • affordable
  • long-lasting


  • Wider design
  • Not enough cloud foam
  • Limited color scheme

Adidas Ownthegame wide basketball shoes are undoubtedly great for court performance, and because of their wide fit and plush feel are among the best basketball shoes you can get for your basketball practice.

2. Adidas kids hoop mid 2.0 basketball shoe

Adidas is known for its high-quality sportswear and accessories. The brand has certainly made its name in producing some of the finest sports shoes not only for men and women but for kids as well.

The Adidas kids hoops mid 2.0 is no exception. This pair of Adidas Kids basketball shoes is an excellent choice for kids who love to play outdoor basketball.



The upper area of these Adidas kids’ shoes is made from 100% premium synthetic nubuck leather. The upper side also features the signature three-strip design of the brand. Furthermore, the midfoot support is a Thermoplastic polyurethane that is not only long-lasting but also makes the shoe comfortable.

OrthoLite sock liner

The shoe has an OrthoLite sock liner that not only makes the shoe super comfortable but also protects the feet from moisture. Thus, this sock liner makes the shoe drier, more relaxed, and healthier for your kids’ feet.

Midsole and Outsole

The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsole is not only lightweight but also distributes the weight evenly and provides stability. Because of this material, the shoe stays flexible and cushions the feet, making it comfortable during basketball sessions. Moreover, the outsole is made from premium quality rubber and has a texture that provides an excellent foot grip.


This pair of shoes contains two lineal texture strips of Velcro instead of laces. Therefore, this pair is ideal for kids who don’t like tying shoelaces. Moreover, securing the shoe with Velcro is much faster and is the right choice for your hasty kid.


Because of its elegant shape, the shoe fits comfortably, and it very comfortable. Furthermore, the smart fit supports the ankle and saves from serious foot injuries during playing.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy fit
  • Stylish look
  • Comfortable


  • A bit stiffer
  • Limited color combinations

For kids obsessed with playing outdoor basketball, this shoe is among the best basketball shoes for kids you can get and is also very affordable.

3. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball shoes

Under Armour is an American company that is known to produce basketball shoes that are both comfortable and high in performance. This pair is one of the best Under Armour Basketball Shoes.

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball shoes



Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball shoes are classic shoes with minimal design. This pair of shoes is made from quality Molded synthetic leather, which gives a good fit. Moreover, the shoe comes in six different color combinations for the users to choose from.


The leather is perforated that makes the shoes breathable. It keeps the shoes, and the feet from developing odor keep the feet drier, and maintain foot health. Furthermore, the sock liner is also breathable and light in weight. It also gives underfoot support and cushioning.


The midsole is injected with molded EVA that not only makes it lightweight but also provides flexibility and gives cushion to the feet. It also makes traction super easy and comfortable.

Rubber outsole

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball shoes have a sturdy rubber outsole. The shoes also have a multi-directional traction feature. In addition, the outsole also has a grip pattern that gives extraordinary on-court movements and has a firm grip. The traction design is different from usual basketball shoes, and it contains an Under-Armour logo too.

Lace closure

The shoes also have a lace closure that gives them a reliable fit. It also protects the feet through a webbing system, which, as a result, reduces the risk of injuries during practice sessions.


  • Comfortable
  • Classical design
  • Light-weight
  • Good traction


  • Shoes are a bit narrow

For those looking for high traction basketball shoes, the Under-Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball shoes are the right choice. Moreover, its breathable design makes this incredibly functional and high performance.

4. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Like all other Adidas shoes, the Adidas Men’s Dame 5 is a highly efficient shoe. It is probably among the most stylish basketball shoes you can get. Despite its looks, the shoes also ace in providing comfort to its users.

Adidas Men’s Dame 5



The shoes are made from a high-quality soft suede mesh upper, which makes them extremely lightweight. The sole is made from high-quality rubber that gives the shoe support and makes it comfortable.


Adidas Men’s Dame 5 basketball shoes are considered to be the stylish shoes of Adidas. The shoes have a funky design and come in a wide range of colors that make a statement. Furthermore, have excellent traction on the outdoor court and make you feel secure.


Adidas Men’s Dame 5 basketball shoe has a resilient cushioning feature that maximizes the player’s comfort. It allows them to jump and run without slipping or getting injured quickly. Moreover, the cushion gives a fast bouncing compression that guards the feet. Furthermore, these shoes are comfortable for casual use too and have a slight bounce.

Lace closure

The shoes have a lace closure that ensures that the player’s feet are secured. Besides, this lace closure also improves the shoes’ fit and allows you to play comfortably without worrying about getting injured.

Herringbone outsole

For added traction, the shoes have a herringbone pattern. The pattern gives a fantastic response in providing multi-directional footwork during basketball sessions. Furthermore, it is also anti-skidding and supports a sudden stop movement. Moreover, the solid rubber is sturdy and durable.


  • Stylish design
  • Durable outsole
  • Good traction
  • Light in weight


  • Hard to clean
  • Less ankle support

For those who want their basketball shoes to have style and color other than comfort and performance, the dame 5 is an excellent choice. Its built, fashion, comfort, and cushion make it among the best outdoor basketball shoes.

5. Under Armour Kids Pre School Jet 2019 basketball shoes

Under Armour is an American corporation that designs and creates footwear, clothing, and sports equipment. Their basketball shoes for kids are among the best available in the market, and the Jet 2019 is no exception.



Under Armour Kids Jet 2019, basketball shoes are extraordinarily sturdy and have a very cool design, which is extremely popular among kids. These shoes are available in different colors like black, red, grey, and white. However, the shoes have a traditional lace design.


Under Armour Jet 2019, basketball shoes feature a textile and mesh upper. This combination allows the shoes to be both supportive and breathable. Furthermore, the sides of the boots are perforated, which improves the ventilation process. Moreover, the padding on the tongue and collar provide additional comfort to the player.

Shock absorbent

Under Armour Jet 2019, basketball shoes have a cushioned footbed to absorb shocks and ensures comfortable jumping and outdoor playing. Moreover, these shoes also have a die-cut EVA sock liner for additional foot support and cushioning, making this shoe extremely secure for kids of all ages.


Under Armour Jet 2019, basketball shoes are very durable. The synthetic overlays around the toe area give the shoes more durability and extra protection. Furthermore, the TPU toe cap increases the strength of the shoe and ensures safety.


The shoes have a herringbone-patterned outsole. The purpose of this outsole is not only to provide maximum grip and stability while playing but also to improve traction. The pattern makes this shoe ideal for smooth lateral movements without any slipping.


  • Good ankle support
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • Shock absorbent


  • A bit wider
  • Laces are a bit short

Under Armour Kids Pre School Jet 2019 basketball shoes are highly comfortable and offer high performance in indoor and outdoor play. The shoes are especially perfect for kids with slightly wider feet.

6.  Anta Men’s Team Basketball Shoes Cross-Training Shoes Professional Sneakers for Basketball

Anta is a Chinese company that is the 3rd largest sportswear company in the world. Its basketball shoes are famous worldwide due to their affordability, comfort, and quality material.


Material and Design

Anta shoes are made from high-quality textile or synthetic leather. The leather on the top makes the shoes comfortable for extended wear. Besides, the shoes have a unique design that makes them ideal for casual wear. These shoes come in a variety of colors, including grey, white, black, blue, and red. Moreover, the shoes have a Flywire lacing that gives the feet maximum support during jumping and running.

A-shock fiber

A feature that makes this pair of shoes stand out from the rest is its A-shock fiber. The shoe upper also includes TPU mixed with the fabric that gives it strength and is also resistant to heat and weather conditions making it among the best outdoor basketball shoes.


Anta shoes contain a very flexible rubber outsole. Moreover, the outsole also provides flex grooves for added flexibility. Furthermore, the boots also comprise a herringbone pattern that ensures incredible traction and makes these shoes suitable for outdoor and indoor play.

A-Shock Stabilizer tech

Anta shoes have A-Shock Stabilizer technology, which not only gives it a very comfortable cushioning. The midsole of this shoe is made up of a polymer material, which allows it to absorb shocks and make it resilient.

KPU package

To offer a better feet experience, the shoes also include a KPU toe cap.  The KPU toe cap not only makes the boots durable but also increase their life, and make them comfortable to use.


  • Durable
  • affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Shock stabilizer technology


  • Not so firm

Because of their innovative shock absorbent technology along with additional features to increase its life, the ANTA shoes are the right choice for those who like to play both indoors as well as outdoors.


Having the right pair of basketball shoes is crucial for good performance. Although all the boots we have mentioned in our list aid in high performance and offer unique features, the best outdoor basketball shoes among these are the Adidas Men’s Dame 5.

Known to be among the most stylish shoes ever, the Adidas Dame 5 shoes have durable built and offer excellent cushioning, bouncing compression, and full lace closure. The anti-skid outsole makes them ideal for any outdoor surface.

No more worrying about getting the best outdoor basketball shoes! Go through our list and get the pair of shoes you think are the best for you. Let us know in the comments which shoes have your heart set on!

Happy Shopping!

This article is written by an expert after testing various shoes to help you pick the best.

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