Uncovering The Best Basketball Shoes Under 50 Dollars [2022]

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Basketball shoes range from a variety of prices depending upon the brand name and feature offered. However, as important as it is to consider comfort as the top priority, the price range is another essential to always check. Are you looking for the best basketball shoes under 50 dollars?

List of Best Basketball Shoes Under 50

We have compiled a list of the best basketball shoes that enhance the experience on the court while being as cheap as $50 or less. Below is a list of best basketball shoes under 50 dollars.

1- Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low Shoe

Adidas Pro Bounce

Adidas has always been the top-rated brand in the sale of all sports athletic. Their Pro Bounce 2019 Low is another version of the original Pro Bounce Madness but made better through the latest tech and cushioning.

Let’s start with the responsiveness of Pro Bounce Low. Featuring a bounce midsole, Adidas manages to easily facilitate high jumps while ensuring comfort. Meanwhile, the installed lateral TPU overlay promises stability while on the go.

Next, through its excellent zonal herringbone pattern, Adidas Pro Bounce offers amazing traction and solid grip at all times. Whereas, the flexible midsole running from the front of the foot to the very back ensures an incredibly comfortable and adaptable foot feel.

Sick of buying shoes not true to their size and ending up with blisters? The Adidas Low Bounce accurately caters to this problem by its true to size measurements and snug fit. Inclusively, lace-up collars boost lockdown and support level.

Additionally, the lightweight upper mesh manufacturing of this shoe makes it breathable and easy on the feet. The toe cap adds to the durability of Adidas Low Bounce through its high abrasion.

To offer the audience a variety to choose from, Adidas manufactures this popular shoe in a range of different cool colors.

Finishing off with a sleek design has always been a specialty of Adidas. The low top cut design with two-tone upper give this shoe an incredibly stylish look and leave everyone on court gawking at them.


  • Unbelievable traction on and off the court
  • Responsive and impact-proof cushioning
  • Breathable and light on the feet
  • TPU barrier provides exceptional support


  • Traction is not consistent
  • Foot not too secure, might lead to heel slipping
  • Higher lacing threads make it tighter

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low does everything its previous edition did but better. With the low rate, it is available at, these are the best basketball shoes although their inconsistent traction might be a problem for frequent on-court players.

2- Nike Hyper dunk 2016 Low

Nike Hyperdunk Low Mens Basketball Shoes

A list of basketball shoes without mentioning Nike is always incomplete. Although they do not come under the latest products, Nike Hyper Dunk Low basketball shoes are one of those shoes that have lived up to their excellence and maintained their quality even after years.

What made Nike Hyper Dunk so ahead of their time? Its commendable performance might be the most crucial factor behind this. With Zoom units spreading from the heel to the forefront, Hyper dunk cushions the foot from any impact.

Whereas, the Phylon carrier installed in the midsole ensures comfort at all times. Through cut-out structure on the outsole, Zoom units have the ability to compress adequately. This makes Hyper Dunk Low incredibly responsive and jumpy when in use.

Additionally, Nike gives the customer’s choice between solid and gum rubber outsole. The thick grooves on either of those support superb traction and are well suited for both, indoor and outdoor courts.

Not quite true to their size, Nike Hyper Dunk needs to be tried beforehand to pick the best fit. Its unique feature relies on the Flywire technology installed to provide additional lockdown.

While the Vectran and nylon strings boost the support, well-padded tongues and collar promise the comfiest feel on the court.

Finally, the mesh manufacturing makes this shoe well ventilated and its fuse adds to its durability. Offered in a variety of color schemes, Nike Hyper Dunk Low features a cool and basic look for its customers.


  • Rubber traction suited to various surfaces
  • Zoom units eliminate any stress on the legs and protect against impacts
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Outrigger and solid traction offer amazing stability


  • Needs time to break in

To conclude, Nike manages to outdoes every other product again by staying ahead of time with its Hyper Dunk Low Basketball Shoes. These are still largely adored by the customers because of the flexibility and comfort they provide at such a cheap rate.

3- Under Armour Jet Low Basketball Sneakers

Under Armour Men's Jet Low Sneaker

Under Armour has quickly become a personal favorite of many through its amazing color combinations and features. The latest addition to this comes with the Jet Low Basketball Sneakers, trusted to enhance the court experience vastly.

Featuring an EVA foam in the midsole, this shoe has the comfiest feel along with protecting against any harsh impacts.

Meanwhile, the feasible herringbone pattern eliminates any accidental slippage and maximizes stability level.

The thick padding in the inner parts of Jet Low offers considerable ankle support while its footbed takes care of the comfortability. Talking about the traction, Under Armour as always provides a solid grip and eases any movement made in its Jet Low Sneaks.

Although labeled to be true to its size, it is recommended to buy half a size up of Under Armour Jet Low. Its basic lacing pattern works well with the plastic eyelets to offer maximum lockdown and size customizability to the user.

What is an Under Armour product without high-quality construction? While the mesh upper minimizes sweating on the foot, perforations take care of any moisture that still manages to produce. Its geometrical design combined with the decent pull tap takes the exterior of Jet Low up a notch.


  • Herringbone pattern minimizes heel slippage
  • Suited for on-court and off-court activities
  • Comfortable, flexible, and breathable
  • Require no breaking in time


  • Fewer color options to choose from
  • Low-tops tend to run narrow

Under Armour once achieves complete user satisfaction through the Low Jet Basketball Sneakers. Perfected to prioritize user convenience, these shoes are easy and flexible for different types of sports.

4- Adidas Isolation 2 Basketball Shoes

adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Isolation 2 is another star-studded shoe pair produced by the brand. With their promise of offering nothing but the best, these basketball shoes feature amazingly beneficial details.

To begin with, the premium quality leather construction ensures maximum performance on the court is attained.

Secondly, Isolation 2’s synthetic sole promises a strong and stable grip even on smooth surfaces. Midsole foam cushions the foot and makes the playing experience comfier. Whereas, the thick grooves on its sides make up for flexibility on and off-court.

Sick of sweating inside your shoes while playing? Adidas solves this problem through its leather upper combination. While the padded collar ensures adequate breathability inside the shoe, its perforations give the shoe an overall snug and comfy fit.

Say no to knee strains with Adidas Isolation 2. Using a unique system to balance weight between the feet, this basketball shoe protects the player from exerting any additional pressure on the foot which might result in inconvenience and tiring.  

Non-marking rubber on the outsole perfectly balances the durability and stability of Isolation 2 by maintaining its friction level. Inclusively, the sturdy sole increases the longevity and makes Adidas’ pair incredibly reliable.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • The torsion system enhances stability and prevents heel slippage
  • Impressive ankle and knee support
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Not the best for wide feet
  • Requires time to break in

Adidas Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe might not be an outstanding product but it sure gets the job done. Although it’s prone to some drawbacks, the cheap rate it is available at still makes it another reputable basketball pair among the players.

5- PEAK Street Ball Master Shoes

PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes Lou Williams Streetball Master Breathable Non Slip Outdoor Sneakers Cushioning Workout Shoes for Fitness

PEAK Street Ball, the signature look of NBA players comes at an unbelievable price. Equipped with the latest features, it is here to compete with every other brand in terms of quality and excellence.

The installed EVA midsole is constructed to be responsive and shock absorbent. This coupled with the Energy Storage System ensures flexibility for large jumps and resistivity towards all impacts on the court. Meanwhile, its lace up system offers exceptional lockdown and feet securing.

By allowing customers to choose between translucent and solid rubber, PEAK street ball does an amazing job of maintaining stability on the court. Its herringbone patterns only add to this traction and ensure a stable grip at all times.

Although true to its size, PEAK Street Ball tends to turn out a little too roomy in the toe compartment. This won’t be much of an issue for a wide foot but average feet players can easily overcome this through sock layering.

Additionally, woven textile upper used promises increased breathability and durability of the shoe. Whereas, the fuse overlays are installed for additional protection and feet securing. Lastly, ankle and wall padding make PEAK Street Ball light and comfortable to put on.

Creatively designed ornate honeycomb pattern takes the exterior aesthetic of the shoe up a notch. Its availability in different colorways makes it easier to match outfits with.


  • Raised midsole prevents heel slippage
  • Outrigger on the ankle side ensures ankle support and prevents twisting
  • Durable outsole rubber
  • Enhanced comfort and ease


  • The midsole is a little stiff and not as shock absorbent as one would like
  • Prone to dust and dirt, require wiping every few days

To sum up, PEAK Street Ball signature basketball shoes are one of their kind and largely contrast with signature shoes being incredibly costly. This makes them not only unique but almost dream-worthy with the fantastic features and eases they offer to the user.

6- Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes Anti Slip

For over 30 years now, Beita has kept up to its promise of reliability and become a personal favorite of many. Their latest edition, High Upper Basketball shoes has since its release been the talk of the town. So what exactly is it about this shoe that has all the customers lined up to buy it?

To start with, the synthetic rubber stretches from the forefoot to the heel. This helps secure the foot along with protecting against impacts and injuries. Constructed from premium quality materials, Beita Upper High is made resistant to any unforeseen happening.

Furthermore, its light cushioning makes this shoe incredibly comfy to move in and manages to stay light on the feet. The herringbone pattern offers considerable traction and maintains stability while jumping on smooth surfaces.

Disgusted by your feet stinking every time you take off your shoes? Through Beita’s High Upper, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. It promises proper air ventilation inside by utilizing the mesh design.

Meanwhile, perforations eliminate any moisture on the feet, contributing to a dryer and breathable feel.

Anti-skid mesh soles installed in Beita Upper High Shoes strengthen the grip it provides. The rubber outsole supports excellent lateral movement and torsional stability. Tailored to look the coolest, this basketball pair has all the eyes on it as soon as it is within view.


  • The rubber sole offers stability and eliminates knee strains
  • Molded heel shield secures the foot and presents an accidental slipping
  • Durable and water, shock and wear and tear-resistant
  • Breathable and dry


  • Loop is difficult to put on

To end with, Beita High Upper is an amazingly superb basketball pair for every player. The excellent features it offers are in huge contrast with the reasonable price it is sold at, making it another personal favorite.

7- Nike Precision 3 Basketball Shoes

Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

Nike has always offered what it guarantees. As the name suggests, their Precision 3 basketball shoe is perfect for accurate movement and bouncing on the court. Promising to boost performance on every surface, this pair of Nike’s is largely adored by its customers.

To start off with its cushion, Nike’s foam midsole with double cushion layering promises a comfy feel throughout. Meanwhile, its multi-direction traction pattern makes up for solid grip on the smoothest of surfaces and prevents slipping during an intense match.

This is followed by Precision 3’s dual pivot points to facilitate instant rotations and turns. Assured to run true to their size, Nike’s pair might be a little too narrow for wide feet and should be tried on before purchasing.

Featuring a padded collar with an engineered quarter panel, Nike’s Precision 3 guarantees easiness and accurate securing while in use.  A blend of mesh and fabric upper is used in these shoes to maximize its ventilation and prevent aggressive sweating.

Alongside this, a textile lining is also used to boost the comfort while the midfoot shank increases its torsional stability. Nike finishes this outstanding pair with a minimalistic mid-top look with a rounded toe area.


  • No break-in time required
  • Responsive and comfortable foam cushioning
  • Runs true to size and is stylish
  • Lightweight and durable to different court surfaces


  • Upper is only moderately strong
  • Not suited to wide feet

Once again, Nike has managed to excel in enhancing court performance through its Precision 3 Basketball shoes.  The cool look offered with its useful features will quickly make this pair your ultimate decision for any outdoor trip.

8- Reebok Royal BB4500 HI2 Basketball Shoes

Reebok Men's Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Sneaker

Reebok royal has always been entrusted by its customers to offer the best-equipped shoes. The new Royal BB4500 Basketball shoes are one of their most top-rated product and are here to give all its competitors an incredibly tough time.

Guaranteed to be true to its size, REEBOK offers a snug fit. This is further secured by its lace-up closure pattern for protection against heel slippage. With a wide opening, this shoe is incredibly easy to put on and take off after intense matches.

In addition to this, a mixture of leather and mesh upper ensures the foot stays breathable and cool throughout. Its perforated tongue dissipates any moisture that still manages to gather on the feet and keep the shoe dry and easy at all times.

Bored of incredibly bold and extravagant exteriors? REEBOK Royal in contrast to its name finishes this HI2 shoe with an elegant and minimalistic silhouette. This design not only manages to make a statement for itself but coordinates well with many casual outfit wear.

To boost its stability, REEBOK BB4500 has a mid-cut design with exceptional ankle support. Whereas, its removable EVA sock liner cushions harsh falls professionally. The high abrasion rubber outsole adds to the shoes’ responsiveness and makes it durable.


  • Comfortable with fabulous ankle support
  • Helps those with foot injuries and blisters
  • Minimalistic and cool design
  • Secure and stable fit


  • Less padded tongue
  • Comparatively softer sole, wears off quickly

REEBOK Royal BB4500 HI2 is indeed one of the most versatile and sturdy shoes for basketball players. The installed smart technology only advances its ease and increases the customer’s willingness to purchase it. This pair is one of these best basketball shoes under 50.

9- Puma Tazon 6 Fracture Basketball Shoe

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Puma needs no introduction when it comes to the sale of athletic sportswear. Their first installment to their new basketball shoe line comes with the Tazon 6 Fracture Basketball shoe. Designed to excel in both its interior and exterior, this pair of shoes is perhaps out-rated at doing its job.

Starting with its T-toe construction, Puma manages to keep the toe box roomy and sturdy. Meanwhile, its synthetic manufacturing offers support for the foot in moving around fluidly.

The TPU shank takes care of any additional weight or pressure exerted on the knees or feet that might result in strain.

Moving on, Puma is true to its size and has two size options to choose from. The EVA foam in the heel pod offers responsiveness and cushioning power against falls. It is also made to be shock-resistant and its stability makes every stride taken in it confident and firm.

Furthermore, durable rubber construction for the outsole makes PUMA Tazon 6 suitable for daily use. This rubber does a decent job of boosting friction and keeping the shoe stable on smooth court surfaces.

Installed Eco Ortholite Sock liner in the midsole is perhaps the most notable feature of Tazon 6. This evaporates any foot sweating and dissipates awful foot odor through neutralizing the bacteria.  The bio-based construction makes PUMA an eco-friendly product.

Styled with an aesthetically designed graphic leather upper, Tazon 6 is durable and attractive in look. Through its thoughtful small air holes, feet are kept ventilated and cool. Its convectional lacing closure is tightened or loosened to secure the feet whenever the player is on the go.


  • Unique and attractive look
  • Premium quality manufacturing makes it durable
  • Insoles take its comfort to another level
  • Amazing color schemes


  • Needs long breaking in time
  • Thin and unreliable soles

PUMA Tazon 6 might not outstand in the functionality aspect and is set to run into certain problems once in use, it still manages to excel many other shoes offered at its price and does a decent job on the court.

10- AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes

AND 1 Men's Rocket 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

AND1 Rocket 3.0 is stated as the best basketball shoes in regards to affordability and comfort. With a price as cheap as $50, customers often only expect the basics from these shoes but AND1 manages to prove them wrong.

Using its high-quality sock-liner and synthetic uppers, Rocket 3.0 offers superb comfort and ease. While the high-top design makes up for tremendous ankle support. Additional cushioning installed makes AND1 3.0 Rocket perfectly suited to basketball players looking to play intense matches.

Moreover, the padded insole coupled with the mesh lining adds to Rocket 3.0 ventilation. Meanwhile, the lightweight of the shoes and air opening protects the feet from sweat and uneasiness.

A stretchable leeway facilitates entering in and out adequately whereas the multi-directional herringbone provides immense traction. Finally, AND1 Rocket 3.0 is available in a variety of colors to choose from.


  • Mesh Tongue makes it breathable and cool
  • Heal Quarter molding maximizes stability on the court
  • Premium quality manufacturing 
  • Considerable ankle support and traction provided 


  • Not durable
  • Restricted range of colors

To sum up, AND1 Rocket 3.0 is an amazingly functional basketball shoe. They promise superb court experience while maintaining the balance between comfort and flexibility.


Purchasing basketball shoes is an important decision and an incredibly confusing one with the numerous brands and their products. It is vital to not overspend on a pair that won’t adapt to your suitable playing needs and hence, here we have concluded a list of our favorite basketball shoes.

Not only do they excel in all aspects but are offered at a rate as low as $50 and below. Now, the final decision is on you to decide which low budget shoe with high ease and comfort is the best match for your feet.

This article is written by an expert after testing various shoes to help you pick the best.

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