10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet in 2022

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When playing basketball, it is important to use the best shoes to allow for easy and comfy jumps and movements. Finding this shoe might not be that difficult, but it can prove to be a struggle quite a few times if you are someone who has wide feet. Check out Best Basketball Shoes for jumping if you are specifically looking to improve the jumping experience during the basketball game.

The Top Listed Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

For this very reason,  we have chosen the best basketball shoes for wide feet based on a variety of factors to help you make the perfect choice when buying them and optimize your experience on the court. 

1- Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Illation

adidas NEO Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Wide Basketball Shoe
adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Wide Basketball Shoe

Adidas is no unknown when it comes to providing shoes of excelling quality and standards.  Their new NEO cloudfoam is the perfect blend of the coziest midsole with a grippy rubber outsole.

Manufactured using 100% textile, this shoe provides air mesh tongue and rear quarter promising well ventilation for the feet combined with the shoe’s already present lightness. 

Additionally, the spacey toe box and impact protection make the NEO Cloudfoam perfect for wide feet basketball players, whereas its durability and resistivity towards snow and other weather conditions make it adaptable to areas outside the court as well. 

At last, what is an Adidas shoe that does not do the job while looking immensely cool and fashionable? With its popular three-stripe logo on the side,  the Neo cloudfoam comes in a variety of casual yet cool colors to go well with the players and everyday casual outfits.

For everyone with wide feet looking for a shoe to not only cushion their falls but do it so while looking infinitely cooler, this is the perfect match. The affordable rate at which the shoe is available only makes it more commendable amongst all the players. 


  • Well ventilated and has  herringbone to enhance traction
  • Comfy and stylish design
  • Affordable rate for its excellent quality construction
  •  Provides maximum ankle stability and support


  • Leather upper is stiff and cannot be bend according to user convenience
  • Not durable, the outsole and the shell might wear off over time
  • Sole might break away from the shoe body, unreliable stitching

2- Nike Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoe
Nike Men’s Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoe

Obviously, a shoe recommendation list without Nike is not possible. Over the course of years, they have come up with various new designs, but Nike’s Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoe is the coolest product of theirs to be manufactured.

With a dynamic collar to provide maximum ankle support and flex grooves to allow for fluid movement, this shoe allows for easy and fast jumps to be made.  Additionally, high-quality synthetic manufacturing and rubber as soles make this pair endurable to harsh workout sessions.

Along with this, the internal heel counter of the shoe secures foot position on the footbed while the midfoot shank provides considerable torsional and arch support.

Although the shoe’s traction requires some breaking in, once this is done, the shoe maintains great traction on the court, and its unpliable rubber enhances its longevity.

With wide feet shoes, ankle support, and fashionable style often lack behind. Still, this Nike Zoom Devosion successfully tackles both of these and is perfect in both regards, let it be the aesthetics outside or the breathability and comfortability inside. 


  • Durable pair with its synthetic build and textile base layer
  • Partial bootie construction and Pylon midsole cushion harsh fall and make it comfy
  • Breathable and well snugged
  • Optimal ankle and lateral support
  • Aesthetic and fashionable looking


  • White mesh is prone to dirt and difficult to clean
  • Comparatively heavier on the feet

3- AND 1 Men Tai Chi Lx Sneaker

AND 1 Men's Tai Chi Lx Sneaker
AND 1 Men’s Tai Chi Lx Sneaker

AND 1 is known for providing durable shoes that go well with the old school vibe. Their new Tai Chi Lx Sneaker is another addition to this list. With its leather and nubuck construction, the sneaker is well fitted and snugs right on your feet.

Whereas its EVA footbed cushions harsh falls and makes it firmer and stable on the player’s feet. The abrasion-resistant herringbone maximizes provided traction while the mesh tongue makes it breathable and well ventilated.

In addition to this, AND 1 Tai Chi Sneakers are proven to be supremely lightweight despite having a leather layer. Furthermore, by installing an anodized TPU shank, the medial support is maximized in both indoor and outdoor courts.

By mixing the Yin Yang concept with minimalistic colors, AND 1 has provided the players with the stylist and classiest looking shoe in the field and has left all onlookers gawking on their Tai Chi Sneaks.

This pair is perfect for all the players who still prefer leather weight over lightweight shoes and are looking to enhance their basketball skills while managing to look old school and be comfortable throughout this experience.


  • Expandable to fit well for those with wide feet
  • Exceptional court feel and optimal traction
  • Well ventilated and affordable
  • Aesthetic looking and available in many colors


  • Heavier and proven to be bulky for many users
  • The Cushioning system is only moderate

4- Under Armour Drive 4

Under Armour Men's Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe
Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Drive 4 is surely a newcomer in the sale of basketball shoes but with its applauding features and design, it has become essential for those with wide feet. With its HAVOC traction and full-length herringbone,  Drive 4 provides unbeatable traction along with being dust and dirt resistant.

Moreover,  its thick outsole grooves make movements fluid and graceful whereas the EVA sockliner and micro gel unit cushion harsh falls, and the toe wrap boost forefoot flexibility.

The textile mesh and neoprene combination in Drive 4 is the perfect balance between budget and comfort. With the soft mesh protecting forefoot and toe, the shoe feels insanely cozy while playing while its huge fuse overlay boosts its durability by a huge margin.

The two-layer bootie construction of the shoe minimizes its breaking in period and its aesthetic looking toe wrap allowing for greater flexibility and snugger fit. Alas, the wide and flat base and forefoot outrigger make UA Drive 4 the perfect fit for a stable and firm grip at all times.

Drive 4 has proven to be quite a treat for every user. However, its main highlight remains in its traction, making it the most promising pair for all those requiring maximum traction. Other details, including its breathability and flexibility, serve to be additional plus points for the user.


  • Expandable and wide foot-friendly
  • The outsole is dirt resistant and does not require cleaning
  • Premium upper gives it an athletic and cool look
  • Secures foot placement and provides considerable ankle support


  • The TPU heel digs into users ankles and might result in blisters
  • Pair needs prolonged time to break-in

5- Nike LeBron 17

Nike Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes
Nike Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes

Nike’s LeBron 17 is the greatest opponent for all the shoes promising speed with stability. With its combination of knit and heat-molded yearn to stitch, the shoe is made to be durable and cozy. Secondly,  the stabilizing clip at the heel secures the foot position while its wide tongue makes it easy to take on and off.

Along with this,  the maximum Zoom air units provide immediate response and action when on the court, all the while providing exceptional ankle support for a shoe this light.

Additionally, the use of new Knitposite material as the upper makes the shoe’s feel softer, thicker, and comfier, although it does eventually get sweaty inside. At the same time, the 2 Zoom Air Units provide supreme forefoot cushioning.

To sum up,  Nike’s LeBron 18 is amazingly cozy, breathable, and best for court feel and fluid movement for any player. However, its easy entry detail is what makes it essential for all wide feet players.


  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Amazing ankle support for a shoe this light
  • Soft foam pod cushions harsh impacts and falls
  • The wide collar makes it easy to get in and off the feet
  • Lack of plastic strip makes it cozier for a wider foot


  • Expensive
  • Not durable and provides little support for the forefront
  • An aggressive diamond pattern needs to be wiped off every once a while

6- Air Jordan 35

Nike Mens Air Jordan 6 Retro Washed Denim Washed DenimBlack Denim Size
Nike Mens Air Jordan 6 Retro Washed Denim Washed Denim/Black Denim Size

This latest Nike product is the most impressive and unique in both design and structure. With its gigantic Zoom airbags in its heel and forefront, Air Jordan 35 has the most responsive midsole further enlarged by the Eclipse Plate 2.0 to offer optimal lateral stability and durability during long periods of use. 

Secondly, the latest synthetic manufacturing mixed with premium quality leather and suede overlays has made Jordan 35 vibe with the old school color pallet. At the same time, the Flight wire net system protects against any heat or sweat on the feet.

In accordance with its Eclipse Plate to provide the greatest cushioning against falls, Air Jordan has a padded ankle area to support the heel and ankle without adding any additional weight to the shoe. Furthermore, its thin and stretchable tongue allows for easy slipping in and out of the pair for even those with wide feet. 

To conclude,  Nike’s Air Jordan 35 excels in all regards and is sure to make the experience at court a memorable one with the ease and flexibility of movement it provides. It’s surely a must to have and has outdone various other basketball shoes since its release.


  • Amazing herringbone traction and ankle support
  • Offers heel to toe smooth transitioning and supreme cushioning
  • ¾ internal sleeve allows for easy slipping in even for wide feet
  • Aesthetic mid-school look and coloring


  • Expensive

7- Adidas T-Mac Millennium

adidas Men's Tmac Millennium Basketball Shoe
adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium Basketball Shoe

Adidas has come up with multiple shoes for all basketball players. Their new T-Mac Millennium is the much better and revised edition of their original T-Mac shoe. With its higher than usual ankle collar and good quality materials, the T-Mac Millennium offers increased stability and the firmest grip on the court.

Even though its traction requires to be wiped a few times, the pair’s multi-directional herringbone provides excellent traction and is made to be dust and tumbleweed proof. What makes this pair the perfect fit for all wide feet players is its classic tongue system.

With ample space in the toe box and easy tightening of the cover, the shoe causes no pain or blisters and, once broken into, allows easy midfoot and heel fitting and securing.

Moreover,  the T-Mac Millennium cushioning is excellent with a full-length boost midsole to protect against falls. With no cagging and only a slight lag between the response time of the pair, the shoe is impact-proof and quick and easy on the court and feet.

Finally, it can be said that Adidas T-Mac Millennium addresses all the issues that its previous version couldn’t. Its amazing features and fashionable design are the best matches for players with wide feet looking to perfect their sport and move fluidly in the court.


  • Secured herringbone traction
  • Well balanced and impact protective cushioning
  • Amazing ankle collar and forefront support
  • Durable with little to no cleaning required


  • Synthetic construction requires time to break-in to
  • Traction not suitable for outdoor courts.

8- Under Armour Micro G Assert 7

Under Armour is gradually making its way up with the launch of its new commendable sneakers. Their latest Micro G Assert 7 is another addition and has surely nailed it in all given aspects. Firstly its durable rubber outsole makes this sneaker incredibly lightweight and durable by allocating the rubber in high abrasion areas.

Followed by this is the Micro G Foam technology in UA assert 7, which is relatively thinner and allows easy switching of directions and hence high responsiveness. Moreover, the lightweight mesh in its upper makes it breathable, and the leather overlays provide support for the heel and protect the toes from poking through the mesh.

Along with this, the installed EVA sock liner in the sneaker maximizes underfoot cushioning and comfort while protecting against heel-strike shock and sudden joint jarring. Not only this, the foam pods in the upper prevent any irritation or accidental heel slippage from happening while on the run.

Lastly,  the dual-layer design to maximize the shoe’s snugging on the feet coupled with the affordable rate that this shoe is offered in,  UA Micro G Assert 7, ought to be applauded by all of its users till now. With its athletic design and features, the shoe is the best match for players on the court and is worth giving a shot.


  • Lightweight, flexible and breathable construction
  • The midsole offers durable cushioning
  • Street style and sporty looking
  • Fit true to size and are within the affordability charts


  • Underfoot platform lags in responsiveness
  • Slight tightness in heel and forefoot areas

9- Fila F-13v Basketball Shoes

Fila F-13v Basketball Shoes
Fila F-13v Basketball Shoes

Fila F-13v is another newcomer with its versatile yet durable design, and features make it perfect for wide feet basketball players. With its combination of leather and synthetic uppers for lightweight but firm grip added with both lacing and Velcro strap system, the fit of F-13v is snugged and secured on the player’s feet.

Furthermore,  this pair provides promising traction and cushions against falls through its EVA sockliner in the midsole by using rubber as outsoles. With a weight of only 15 oz, F-13 is light on the feet and easy to move in, along with offering major arch support ultimately leading to little to no ankle blisters or injuries. 

The beautifully designed leather upper of the shoe is another plus point of its. F-13v paves the way for aesthetically designed basketball shoes with its unique Italian design and vintage-like look and attracts many through its final finished style.

Summarizing it, Fila F-13v is perfect for those excelling in the sport and wanting to look while doing it. However,  it might not be the best match if you are someone who requires great arches.


  • High-quality leather manufacturing makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Rubber outside provides a firmer grip and greater level of traction
  • Provides decent ankle support
  • Clean and cool look


  • The high top requires some time to break-in
  • Velcro straps tend to lose their stickiness over time
  • Not the best for great arches

10- Reebook Royal Hi2 Basketball Shoes

Reebook Royal Hi2 Basketball Shoes
Reebook Royal Hi2 Basketball Shoes

Reebok has always led with the sale of shoes matching up to players’ convenience and demands. Their new version of BB4500 comes by the name of Royal Hi2 and promises to outdo its predecessor by all margins.

With its blend of leather and mesh to offer maximum support combined with the easy and secure lace-up closure, the pair fits around the footwell and cozily enough.

Additionally, the mid-cut design enhances stability on the court, along with offering great ankle support. To facilitate orthotics, Reebook Royal Hi2 comes with a removable EVA sockliner, whereas its great abrasion rubber outsole maximizes responsiveness and allows easy directional switching.

Lastly, the shoe’s flat sole makes long-standing hours easy to bear, and all of these features are provided to the users at an incredibly affordable price. To end with, Reebook Royal Hi2 is the best match for a budget-friendly yet excellent shoe for all basketball players.


  • Amazing ankle support and secure fit
  • Classic white colorway design
  • Adaptable to both in-play action and casual use
  • Perfect for those with injuries and irritation


  • Considerably less cushioning
  • Comparatively less padding on its tongue


The choice of best basketball shoes for wide feet depends solely on the player and their requirements but based on vital aspects relating to shoes and efficiency; we have selected our top favorites in this category. Now it’s your turn to determine which shoe would be the most excellent for you and allow for the best experience at court for those with wide feet.

This article is written by an expert after testing various shoes to help you pick the best.

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