8 Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards [2022]

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Are you a shooting guard player looking to sneak up on your opponent and win flawlessly? If yes, then acquiring the best basketball shoes for shooting guards is your top priority.

With multiple brands promising these shoes for the players, it is vital to know which one is the best fit. Hence, we have compiled a list of our favorite shooting guard basketball shoes for an excellent playing experience.

What are the best basketball shoes for shooting guards?

1-Under Armour Curry 3 Zero

Under Armour Curry 3 Zero

Under Armour has since long offered precisely what it promises in its products. Their Curry 3 Zero basketball shoe has been perfected to suit all shooting guards’ needs and promises to do the job flawlessly.

Traction is the sole essential for everyone looking to guard as a basketball player. The detailed herringbone pattern on the outsole of Curry 3 Zero offers a fantastic grip on the court even while charging with full speed.

Acknowledging the need for responsivity on the court, Under Armour has made this pair incredible responsive and suitable for abrupt turning. Featuring a blend between the applauded Micro G carrier and charged cushioning pad, the midsole ensures feet comfort at all times. 

Not only this, Curry 3 Zero’s midsole is perfected to make up for confident and flexible strides when in use. Maintaining its promise of integrity, this basketball shoe is true to its size and breathable through its dual mesh upper. 

Sick of your ankles straining after excessive guarding on the court? Well, Under Armour takes care of this problem by its molded collar and installed Achilles pillow. These lighten the burden on the ankles and keep them comfy. 

Curry 3 Zero features Meta Wing Shanks to maximize stability on the court. Meanwhile, an interlocking upper boosts lockdown and increase the overall support of this basketball shoe. Lastly, TPU utilized in the toe cap is made resistive to abrasion, hence improving the longevity of Curry 3 Zero.


  • Amazing traction and stability
  • Smooth and comfortable cushioning 
  • The sleek look featured in a cool color palette 
  • Flexible and durable
  • Excellent ankle and toe support
  • Reasonably priced


  • Prone to dirt needs to be wiped often.
  • Laces fall a little too short.

Final Verdict 

Given the Under Armour Curry 3 Zero Basketball shoe’s efficiency and stability, it can rightly be termed the most efficient shoe for every basketball player looking to guard. It is loved by its users and promises to stay by their side for a long time.

2-Adidas Harden Vol.4 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Harden Vol.4 Basketball Shoe

Adidas is widely recognized for providing its customers with the very best products. The Fourth volume in its Harden series has since its release been the town’s talk among every basketball player intending to master guarding.

To track the opponent on the court, all guarding shoes should offer to maximize responsiveness and speed. Fulfilling this criterion, the Harden Vol. 4 features the reputable Light strike cushioning system to support immediate and rapid strides. 

Additionally, this system is incredibly lightweight and ensures optimal energy in every step. The unique generative traction pattern of Adidas’ Volume 4 is suited to every court surface and provides stability throughout.

Always known to put customer safety above anything else, Adidas installs a rare lacing system in its Vol. 4. This keeps the foot secure while the banking barrier allows smooth turns to be made. Inclusively, a midfoot bank boosts the lockdown ability of this shoe. 

Are you tired of falling for cheap basketball shoes that are manufactured from low-quality material and expire shortly? You surely don’t need to worry about this happening with Adidas Vol.4 basketball shoes.

The premium quality mixed media upper not only makes this pair breathable but durable for the long go. This Harden’s fourth edition is cleanly finished in a low-top design and offered in bold and bright colors to match your outfit accordingly.


  • Comfortable and breathable feel
  • The fantastic grip on all types of court surfaces
  • Impressive lockdown and supportability
  • No break-in time was required.
  • Excellent responsiveness and light on feet


  • Not much impact protection is offered.
  • Not true to size, much free space in the forefront part 

Final Verdict 

Like always, Adidas does not fail to impress its customers with the Harden Vol. 4 Basketball shoe. With its unbelievable responsiveness and traction offered, it has grabbed the attention of every guarding player. 

3-Jorden Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoe

Jorden Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoe

The name Jorden speaks for itself. With the long-lasting promise of excellent performance at all times, Jordan has acclaimed an outstanding reputation. The Why Not Zero.2 Basketball shoes fall nowhere behind this and are here to show how shooting guard is accurately done. 

Beginning from its decoupled outsole, Jorden installs the latest circular pattern in ZerO.2 Shoe. This makes every movement look graceful and fast while assisting in pivot performance, hence being the best at tracking during shooting guard.

Secondly, the installed exposed TPU plate maximizes stability on the court and supports torsional movements. With its true to size fit, Jorden Zer0.2 prevents any narrow or loose fit problem while its midfoot strap secures and locks the feet confidently. 

Have you ever lost your balance and fell on the court while aiming to guard your competitor? It’s time to say goodbye to this humiliation and injury with the Why Not Zer0.2 basketball shoe. Featuring a dual collar and heel TPU piece, the shoe ensures optimal grip is maintained and eliminates any accidental slipping. 

The Zoom laden dual sole unit is the spotlight of Jordens’ Why Not Zero.2 Basketball pair. This maintains a perfect blend between instant responsiveness and ease of the foot during intensive playing. In contrast, the Nike Zoom Air Bag works to progress the propulsion ability on the court.

Crafted from high quality lofted materials, Zer0.2 regulates air supply level and protect against excessive foot sweating. The foot overlay assists in sharp turning and manages to take the shoe’s durability up a notch.


  • Circular pattern boosts traction on all types of court surfaces.
  • The midsole strap and heel counter make up for fantastic lockdown ability.
  • Breathable with no break-in time required
  • An impressive and responsive cushioning system
  • Affordable and true to size 


  • The rubber is not durable and is suited to outdoor playing.
  • No installed outrigger makes it unsafe on the court.
  • Heavy on the feet

Final Verdict

Although prone to certain drawbacks, Jordens’ Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball shoe is an outstanding product. It might not be finished to make a statement, the efficiency it provides while shooting guards indeed manages to attract every onlooker’s attention.

4-Nike PG 3 Basketball Shoes

Nike PG 3 Basketball Shoes

Nike has always come up with shoes ready to face any challenge thrown at them. Their PG 3 is another product of this dedication, explicitly designed for shooting guards. Thoughtfully designed to suit every basketball player, this shoe is here to attain complete customer satisfaction at any cost.

Performance has always been the top priority of every Nike shoe. Through the light foam midsole cushioning in PG 3, this shoe’s wearer is granted comfort and instant responsivity. This, along with the Zoom Air Bag installed to maximize propulsion, makes PG 3 basketball shoe optimal for shooting guards on the court.

Moreover, using the latest circular pattern on the outsole, Nike offers exceptional traction in this pair. This pattern also adds to the overall aesthetic of the shoe and allows rapid cuts to be made. True to its size, this shoe is perfectly snug around both flat and broad feet players.

Carefully analyzing the needs while shooting guards on the court, Nike has equipped PG 3 with the solution to every issue. ½ Bootie construction secures the foot and protects against heel slippage. The free-floating synthetic wings further back this obtaining.

Balancing between mesh and synthetic manufacturing, PG 3 is breathable and light on the feet. Meanwhile, the integrated shoe tongue ensures maximum support is provided without hindering the performance of the player. 


  • Circular traction gives it a firm grip and makes it suitable for outdoor playing.
  • Incredible lockdown and supportability eliminate any chance of sliding.
  • Responsive and energetic Zoom unit
  • Well, they are ventilated and light on the feet.


  • Low-quality construction
  • Unreliable soft foam
  • Unappealing exterior 

Final Verdict

Although it is constructed from cheap materials and does not fall in the aesthetic looking category, Nike PG 3 still manages to excel in other aspects. Let it be its brilliant responsiveness or traction; this shoe is satisfactory for every basketball player looking to shoot guards.

5-Nike LeBron Soldier XI Basketball Shoe

Nike LeBron Soldier XI Basketball Shoe

LeBron Soldier XI is another Nike star-studded basketball shoe. Designed to be versatile and efficient at doing its job, this signature shoe is the go-to choice for almost every shooting guard basketball player. 

Finished with a mid-top bootie construction, Soldier XI is incredibly appealing to the eyes. Next, the sturdy pull tabs installed on the shoe’s heel and tongue make it easy to pull on and take off. The Swoosh and LeBron logo found on the outsole give this shoe an incredibly relaxed vibe.

The Lockdown ability of LeBron Soldier XI is something that has every customer swooning over it. This shoe utilizes four straps to customize and secure the foot depending on user convenience. Furthermore, the Achilles foam in the insole manages to support the ankle during intensive playing. 

Now I know what you are wondering. Keeping these features aside, what exactly is it about LeBron Soldier XI that makes it perfect for shooting guards? This answer lies in the Phylon technology cushioning of this shoe.

Working with the EVA foam, the Phylon technology ensures exceptional responsiveness is achieved through Soldier XI. Secondly, its situated Zoom units absorb any impact thrown at them and prevent leg and ankle strains. 

The traction is another plus for shooting guards in basketball matches. Its triangular traction pattern on the translucent rubber outsole is durable but adaptable to different court surfaces. At the same time, the triangular design ensures stability and maintains a solid grip throughout.

Like the many colors, LeBron Soldier XI is available, and its upper material varies from color to color. Nike ensures optimal ventilation is offered to keep the feet at ease no matter what the material is. Its spacious toe box adds to this ease and makes it comfier than ever.


  • Excellent responsiveness and impact absorption ability
  • Complete and rubber outsole on the base make it amazingly stable.
  • Convenient and easy to slip in and out from
  • Traction requires no wiping and is excellent on all courts.
  • Anesthetic and sleek finish


  • The Swoosh is prone to peeling and scraping after some time.
  • The ankle strap does not provide sufficient support.

Final Verdict

With Nike LeBron Solider XI basketball shoes, you are guaranteed to shoot accurate guards. Its minor inconveniences are easily disregarded for the rare and thought-full features this basketball shoe is equipped with, boosting the playing performance vastly.

6-Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low Basketball Shoe

Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low Basketball Shoe

Another underrated product of Under Armour, their HOVR Havoc Low Basketball shoe, is here to compete with reputable shoe producing brands. Attaining the precise balance between conventional features and technological advancements, this basketball shoe is best in all regards.

Starting with its solid rubber outsole packed with the traditional herringbone design, HOVR Low attains incredible traction. Shallow grooves allocated in the forefoot area boost flexibility while supporting both lateral and linear strides.

As stated before, shooting guards means being always ready to launch in attack mode. Under Armour Havoc has installed the latest HOVR technology in the midsole to allow this condition to be met. This shields the knees from any impact by absorbing it immediately and is very comfortable to wear.

Encasing in an EVA midsole with cut-out rears installed promises top-notch responsiveness is gained in Havoc Low Basketball shoe. Moreover, its one-piece bootie upper construction is designed to be true to its size and fit snuggly around the feet.

Are you still unconvinced about purchasing Under Armour’s HOVR Havoc Low Shoe? If yes, then its lockdown ability is sure to turn your decision around. With a low collar working with a TPU heel counter, extensive playing is supported without adding any strain to the player’s legs or feet. 

Alongside this, a TPU shank protects against any accidental twisting or turning of the ankle while serving as an efficient outrigger to maintain stability. Additionally, a customizable lacing system secures the foot as per the user requirement and ease. 

Construction from two top mesh makes HOVR Havoc Low increasingly breathable like all of Under Armour’s products. Meanwhile, its overlay increases the durability of the shoe by protecting against forefoot abrasions. Shaped in a low top streamlined design, Havoc Low serves looks and performance.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Runs true to size
  • Excellent traction through herringbone pattern
  • Airy and comfy feel
  • Cool color palette 


  • HOVR technology does not run the full length
  • Long break-in time is required.

Final Verdict

Under Armour is not here to mess around with its HOVR Havoc Low Basketball shoe. It is indeed a highly rated product, worthy of all the appraisal it receives and is yet to obtain because of its superb traction and cushioning. 

7-Nike Hyper Dunk Low Basketball Shoe

Nike Hyper Dunk Low Basketball Shoe

Nike has outdone itself when it comes to the manufacture of basketball shoes for shooting guards. Although they do not fall under the latest products, Nike Hyper Dunk Low basketball shoes have managed to maintain their integrity and efficiency over time. 

What is it about Nike Hyper Dunk that it is trusted to shoot guards by every player? Its exceptional performance is a significant factor behind this; with Zoom units spreading from the heel to the forefront, Hyper dunk cushions the foot against any harsh impact.

Whereas the Phylon carrier installed in the midsole promises comfort. Using the cut outsole’s structure, Zoom units compress adequately and make up for energetic and bouncy steps. They are perfected to achieve the best responsivity when in court. 

Furthermore, Nike gives options to choose from reliable and gum rubber outsole. The thick grooves on either side allow for excellent traction and lockdown while being suited to every type of court surface. Not exactly true to their size, Nike Hyper Dunk needs to be tried before purchasing to prevent a narrow or loose fit.

Its distinguishing feature lies in the Flywire technology installed to offer additional lockdown ability. While the Vectran and nylon strings increase support level, well-padded tongues and collar increase comfort and ease of the feet while shooting aggressive guards. 

Finished with mesh manufacturing, this shoe is well ventilated and durable through its added fuse. Available in a variety of colors, Nike Hyper Dunk Low features a cool and basic look for every basketball player.


  • Rubber traction adaptable to different courts 
  • Zoom units guard against stress on the legs and impacts.
  • Lightweight and well ventilated
  • Outrigger and reliable traction attain maximum stability.


  • Requires time to break-in

Final Verdict

To sum up, Nike manages to outdo multiple products by equipping Hyper Dunk Low Basketball Shoes with every need for shooting guards. The customers widely love these because of the flexibility and comfort at an affordable price.

8- Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas manages to appear in this list yet again. Their Pro Bounce 2019 Low is the latest edition of the Pro Bounce Madness series. However, the supreme cushioning offered in this one has made it perfect for shooting guards.

Let’s start with the responsiveness of Pro Bounce Low, which is essential for players looking to shoot guards.  Featuring a bounce midsole, Adidas makes jumping easier and comfier than ever. Likewise, the equipped lateral TPU overlay ensures firm grip and stability on the court.

Following this is the fantastic zonal herringbone pattern to provide superb traction at all times. Likewise, the full-length flexible midsole promises an extraordinarily comfortable feel. This traction also supports and adapts to different court surfaces immediately. 

Are you tired of buying shoes that run low on their size and make playing basketball painful? Worry no further as the Adidas Low Bounce takes care of this issue by its true to size measurement. Inclusively, lace-up collars support lockdown ability and the ankles during extensive matches.

In addition to this, this shoe’s lightweight upper mesh manufacturing regulates the air supply within and is easy on the feet.  The toe cap is designed to be abrasion-proof and adds to the durability of Low Bounce 2019. Adidas remembers to offer variety in this product by making it available in a wide color range.

Adidas has always been known for excelling in not only the interiors but exteriors of the shoes. The low top cut design with two-tone upper makes it worthy of being worn by every minimalistic player and leave the opponent staring at it.


  • Unbelievable traction on indoor and outdoor courts
  • Responsive to allow for sharp cuts and movement
  • Cushions against harsh impacts to prevent strains
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • TPU barrier provides outstanding support
  • Affordable cost


  • Foot not accurately secure, prone to minor heel slipping.
  • Higher lacing threads give it a narrow feel.

Final Verdict

Adidas Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe, given its efficiency, has undoubtedly made a name for itself. Despite it having some minor issues, this shoe makes up for unique shooting guard ability. This is attributed mainly to the unbelievable cushioning and responsiveness Pro Bounce offers, which every basketball player adores.


Shooting guards is a task that can be eased with the use of the right shoes and features. As stated above, the core factors that assist in this is the shoe’s responsiveness and cushioning. However, other aspects add to the overall ease and functionality of the shoe.

With multiple brands coming into play, every basketball player needs to select the right shoe to boost their guards’ chances. Based on these factors, we have enlisted our best basketball shoes for shooting guards. It is up to you to decide which basketball shoe will be the best for shooting guards?

This article is written by an expert after testing various shoes to help you pick the best.

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