Basketball Shoes for Kids – Buying guide

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Basketball is a sport loved by not just adults but by kids as well. It derives passion in them from a young age and leads them to become amazing players one day. You might be experiencing continuous gag of your kid for letting him/her go to regular basketball sessions, and why not? If they love the sport so much, they will be good at it too.

The right basketball shoe is mandatory for good performance. Because the sport includes jumping and several feet movement, it needs a shoe that provides comfort, support, and stability to the feet. Although kids are super energetic, they still need a shoe that protects their feet and provides maximum support.

Many kids’ shoe wear brands claim to produce the best basketball shoes for kids, choosing the right one can get confusing. Realizing this problem, we have prepared a list of the best basketball shoes in the market to give you a heads up about the shoes.

9 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Without wasting any more time, let’s get to it right away!

1- Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D 8 (GS) Basketball Shoe

Nike is famous worldwide for manufacturing sports shoes, equipment, and accessories. It is the world’s largest athletic shoe supplier and has produced top-quality basketball shoes for men, women, and kids. Because of its flexibility and cool look, Nike’s Team Hustle D 8 shoes are among the most demanding kids’ basketball shoes.

Nike Kids' Team Hustle D 8 (GS) Basketball Shoe



The upper of the shoe is made from premium quality synthetic leather that makes it extremely durable. Besides, the rubber sole makes the shoe shock-absorbent.

Midfoot strap

Nike Hustle D 8 basketball shoe offers a midfoot strap along with laces. The belt keeps laces tied and also keeps the foot secure during running or jumping. Consequently, the wide strap covers the laces and gives the shoe a unique look different from other basketball shoes.

Lightweight midsole

A reason the parents of young kids prefer this pair of shoes is that it is incredibly lightweight. The midsole has flexible cushioning throughout the shoe length that makes the shoe both lightweight and durable.

Deep grooves

Nike Hustle D 8 contains deep flex grooves that keep your kid safe during basketball sessions. Also, these grooves are slip-resistant and therefore prevent your kids from falling while running and jumping. These groves help the kids to move naturally in the court.
Shock-absorbent Outsole

The outsole is made of high-quality rubber that is not only shock absorbent, but it offers great traction. Moreover, the rubber sole ensures maximum grip on a wet and slippery floor and ensure kids’ safety.


  • Durable
  • Toe to heel cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Full grip
  • Non-marking outsole


  • Stiff upper
  • Limited color range

Nike Hustle D 8 has a simple yet cool design that offers maximum support and secure fitting to energetic kids. It is very durable and comfortable and, therefore, among the best basketball shoe for kids.

2- Adidas Kids Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoe

Adidas has been well-known for not only men’s or women’s shoes but also kids’ shoes. Among their many products, the Pro Spark basketball shoe for kids is a combination of impressive and innovative features.

Adidas Kids Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoe


Breathable upper

The upper surface of this shoe is made from high-quality breathable textile. The toe is covered with a synthetic material overlay that makes the shoe comfortable and protects the toe from injury. Moreover, the shoe has a lace closure and internal eyelets for laces.

OrthoLite sock liner

Another highlight of this shoe is the OrthoLite sock liner inside the shoe. This sock liner provides ideal foot environment management by keeping the moist away from the feet. Furthermore, it keeps the feet cooler and healthier, and as a result, your kid can wear them comfortably in all seasons.

EVA sole

The shoe also has an EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) sole, which is a type of rubber that offers softness and flexibility to the shoes. This EVA sole not only makes the shoe comfortable but also ensures its durability.

Padded collar

The shoe also contains a padded collar at the back that gives amazing ankle support. In addition, the padded collar also prevents the feet from getting blisters during high activity and long wearing time. Again, the combination of a padded collar and adjustable laces ensures both comfort and complete foot lockdown.

Non-Marking outsole

This shoe also contains a non-marking rubber outsole, which not only ensures maximum grip but also does not leave the mark of sole design on the floor during jumping and running. The outsole also provides grip on the wet and slippery floor, thus protecting the kids from falling or getting hurt.


  • Cloudfoam cushioning
  • OrthoLite sock liner
  • Padded collar
  • Anti-slip outsole


  • The padded collar is a bit hard
  • Long laces get loose easily

Adidas Kids’ Pro Spark 2018 basketball shoes have every feature one can ask for. It is incredibly lightweight, and the EVA cushioning and OrthoLite sock liner makes it highly comfortable, making it the best basketball shoes for kids.

3- Under Armour Kids Pre School 2019 Basketball shoes

The Under-Armour Kids Pre School 2019 basketball shoes is a high-performance basketball shoe that offers durability, comfort, and protection to kids’ feet. It is a well-designed product that becomes every kids’ favorite shoes instantly.

Under Armour Kids Pre School 2019 Basketball shoes



Under Armour Kids Pre School 2019 Basketball shoes come in a cool design and vibrant colors. The design is ideal for playing basketball as well as for casual wear. Additionally, the shoe comes in a wide range of eye-catching color combinations, including black, blue, white, green, red, and grey.

Upper and Moulded Heel

This upper shoe is made from a combination of textile and mesh that ensures comfort and support. Furthermore, the molded heels are constructed so that the shoes are extremely breathable and provide ideal ventilation. Therefore, the shoes also ensure kids’ foot hygiene.

EVA Cushioning and sock liner

For added cushioning, the shoe has an EVA midsole. The material is compression molded and therefore is exceptionally comfortable for your kid’s feet. For added comfort and support, the shoe also has a Die-cut EVA sock liner.

Toe Cap Protection

The shoe offers protection to your kid’s feet through a TPU film on the toe cap. Because of the toe cap that the shoe fits perfectly, it is durable and protects the toes and fingers from injury.


The outsole of this shoe is made from high-quality rubber that has a unique traction pattern. This traction pattern provides not only maximum grip but also supports the lateral movements of your kid.

Thus, your kid can play basketball, jump, and run without worrying about slipping or hurting his/her feet.


  • Trendy
  • Affordable
  • Shock absorbent
  • Comfortable
  • TPU toe cap


  • Less ankle support

This Under armour shoe is not only comfortable but offers amazing traction and lateral movement. The shoe provides stability and control of foot movement and is also anti-slip making is among the best basketball shoes you can get!

4- WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes

This Wetike kid’s basketball shoe is not only trendy but has a convenient design, and kids can wear it almost all day long without worrying about blisters or sweating. Besides, the shoe offers several other features that make it the right choice for kids who love to play basketball.

WETIKE Kid's Basketball Shoes


Material and Design

The shoe upper is made from a woven mesh that is breathable and keeps the feet dry during running. In addition, the shoes comprise of front and side vents that radiate heat and increase ventilation of the feet.

Last but not least, Wetike Kid’s basketball shoes have very trendy designs and come in black, red, and blue colors that capture attention. Indeed, the shoe is ideal for playing basketball, running, jumping, and for casual wear as well.

Midsole and grooves

The midsole consists of EVA midsole that ensures perfect cushioning and stability. Because of this feature, the shoe is lightweight and shock absorbent. Besides, it also contains horizontal and vertical flex grooves that provide flexibility and swift movements, and the sock liner let your kid play basketball all day long without getting tired.

Rubber outsole

Wetike kid’s basketball shoes comprise of a high-quality rubber outsole. The outsole is wear-resistant and has an anti-slip herringbone traction pattern for stability and firm grip. Because of its anti-slip feature, rapid movements are easier and effortless. As a result, the kids stay safe and far from slipping and getting injured during the game.


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish design
  • Multifunctional
  • Flex grooves


  • A bit wide
  • Less ankle support

The EVA midsole, breathable mesh, flex grooves, and wear-resistant outsole the Wetike kids’ basketball shoes have it all. Its elaborate features make it multifunctional and therefore is among the parent’s favorite pairs of shoes.

5- Nike Kid’s Team Hustle D 9 Sneaker

Nike Hustle D9 is the advanced version of the D8. The shoe offers all the fantastic features of the D8, along with some new additions that make them premium quality and highly efficient. This shoe takes the Nike kid’s Hustle up a notch.

Nike Kid's Team Hustle D 9 Sneaker



The shoes are made up of pure synthetic leather upper that makes them durable. Also, there is a perforated toe box that ensures breathability. Plus, the shoe also features a mid-top silhouette that provides excellent ankle support.

Lace design

The shoes have a traditional lace-up design along with a hook-and-loop strap feature. As a result, the shoe offers a reliable fit, stability, and security; thus, the risk of getting injuries is reduced.


Nike Kid’s Team Hustle D 9 consists of a shock-absorbing toe-to-heel EVA foam as a cushion. This feature clearly provides extraordinary comfort and makes the shoe extremely lightweight. Because of the cushioning, the kids can play basketball all day long without getting tired.

Rubber Outsole

These shoes have a robust rubber outsole that comprises of a herringbone pattern. Because of this pattern, the shoe is anti-slip and has a strong grip. As a result, your kid won’t slip while playing basketball or while jumping, thus ensuring his/her safety.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Stylish look


  • A bit narrow

6- AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe

And1 kids show out basketball shoes are designed, keeping in mind the comfort of young kids during basketball sessions. Furthermore, these come in 13 eye-catching colors and combinations that are nothing less than eye-candy for the kids.

AND1 Kids Show Out Basketball Shoe


Material and Design

AND1 are known for their lightweight, fashionable designs and durability. These basketball shoes are designed, keeping in mind the comfort and companionship at the basketball court. Besides being lightweight, they have good ankle support for protection and comfort interior to support the feet during game and practice without any fatigue.

Tight-grip outsole and EVA midsole

The outsole is very tangible. The grip and traction pattern under the outsole are well defined. Indeed, it allows the user to walk and run over slippery and uneven surfaces without slips. Moreover, the EVA midsole has footbeds in-lined with cushions. The soft and comfortable cushion helps in absorbing shocks for maximum support during the performance or the game.

Custom-fit Technology

The material used in these shoes is very flexible and durable. These shoes are the solution to different feet anatomy. The shoes try to replicate the foot’s structure, making them very comfortable too due without any bruises and blisters.


The outsole of the shoe has a unique traction pattern that improves its stability on the basketball court. The design is anti-slip and therefore protects the young basketball players from slipping while playing and protects them from getting hurt.


  • Fashionable
  • Maximum comfort
  • Supports ankle
  • Excellent grip


  • Rubber Toe comes off easily

For kids who like to keep up with the fashion and are fond of trendy shoes, the And1 kids show out basketball shoes are an ideal choice. Apart from being trendy, these are also very comfortable and aid in a good basketball court performance. A win-win situation for the kids!

7- Jordan Nike Kids Jumpman Pro BG Basketball Shoe

If you are looking for a retro-inspired basketball shoe, Jordan Nike Kids Jumpman Pro BG is your kid’s right choice. Apart from its retro looks, the shoe offers a wide range of features that adds to its performance.

Jordan Nike Kids Jumpman Pro BG Basketball Shoe


Construction and design

The outer covering of the shoes is made from nubuck leather. Nubuck leather is one of the most refined and durable leather that will last longer. This retro-inspired style is not just eye-catching but comfortable also. The midfoot shank supports the midfoot and offers torsional rigidness during dunks, jumps, and runs.

Thick rubber sole

The thick rubber outsole makes the shoes slip-resistant and excellent for traction. It is ideal for an uneven and slippery surface.

Air-sole Unit

The encapsulated air-sole unit helps in making the shoes comfortable. This unit lying in the underfoot helps avoid blisters after wearing for a long day of game and practice.


The shoe’s outsole has unique multi-patterns that serve a single purpose, i.e., providing stability and grip to the feet. However, the different patterns are at different areas of the shoe engineered in such a way that they support the movement of the feet at all times.


  • Lightweight
  • Retro design
  • Synthetic nubuck leather
  • Good traction
  • Durable


  • Not waterproof

For those looking for retro style shoes with a high comfort level, performance, and stability, the Jordan Nike Kids Jumpman Pro BG is a must-have. The high-quality material and high-performance features make this shoe among the best basketball shoes for kids.

8- JMFCHI Kid’s Basketball Shoes

JMFCHI Kid’s Basketball Shoes is a multi-purpose pair of shoes made, especially for hyperactive kids and their activities. The soft midsole, along with the wide toe, makes it comfortable and extremely functional.

JMFCHI Kid's Basketball Shoes


Construction and material

These basketball shoes have a smooth leather covering, which gives it a sophisticated finish. It is water-resistant that protects the inner material of the shoes. High-quality leather is effortless to clean and increase the span of the shoes.

Moreover, the high ankle support structure helps avoid sprints and injuries during sudden movements in the field and the court. That is why they are ideal for any outdoor sport.

Anti-slip outsole

The thick outsole helps in creating friction between the shoes and the ground. This thick rubber sole also helps the stability of every step the user takes. For maximum protection, the bottom of the sole has a traction pattern also.

Soft inner mesh and wide toe

The shoes are in-lined with soft mesh fabric that increases comfort. Moreover, the toe has a wide width that makes the shoes breathable and avoids odor.


  • Waterproof
  • Soft inner mesh
  • Anti-slip Outsole
  • Stylish leather covering


  • Traction pattern can wear out

The sophistication, along with the high-quality leather, comfortable cushioning, and maximum grip outsole, makes this shoe an ideal choice for kids, thus making it the best basketball shoes for kids.

9- Under Armour Kids UA PS Curry 3ZERO Basketball shoes

Under Armour Kids UA PS Curry Basketball Shoe keeps the tradition of providing quality alive. This shoe includes Under Armour shoes’ best features and is a high-performance shoe favorite of many kids and their parents.

Under Armour Kids UA PS Curry 3ZERO Basketball shoes



These basketball shoes’ upper have a mesh that makes them extremely breathable and lightweight. The shoes are lined with Smooth textile for maximum comfort and drying the sweat after wearing them for a long day.

Lace closure

The lace closure is designed for improved fit and adjustable wear. There is a mesh tongue with an open hole to improve breathability and ventilation in the shoe. This feature improves foot hygiene by ensuring it stays moisture-free during long wear hours. Furthermore, the plush collar and tongue make the shoe extremely comfortable for playing basketball.

Charged Cushioning® Midsole

The midsole of the shoe comprises innovative and unique Charged Cushioning® and Micro-G®. This technology not only makes the shoe comfortable but also helps you kid in maintaining stability, control, and acceleration in the court. Furthermore, it also aids in making cuts and foot movements.

Rubber outsole

The rubber outsole not only makes the shoe durable but also makes it suitable for traction. Besides, the traction pattern helps the kids to perform with a tight grip, maximizing safety. Also, the heel adds the factor of stability to the shoe and avoids slipping by keeping the feet grounded.


  • Tightening laces
  • Lightweight
  • Foot Cushioning
  • Breathability and ventilation
  • Anti-slip


  • Less ankle support

Under Armour Kids UA PS Curry Basketball Shoe offers high performance, comfort, safety, and foot care. It is designed to provide maximum comfort to kids’ feet, especially when they have to run and jump while playing basketball. Thus, making it the best basketball shoes of kids.


Kids love to play sports, especially basketball, and the truth is! There is no stopping them. Because basketball requires many foot movements, the need for a perfect pair of basketball shoes is the utmost! Keeping this thing in mind, we have gathered the best basketball shoes for kids.

Even though these all shoes are the best and most wanted shoes in the market, you find that the champion among these is the Adidas Kids Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoe. The shoe features highly innovative and carefully sought features that ensure that your kid gets the best basketball experience and utilizes his full strength and talent.

This is just our opinion; however, we welcome you to tell us which pair of basketball shoes you found to be perfect for your kid. Let us know in the comments below!

This article is written by an expert after testing various shoes to help you pick the best.

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